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Hadi Haboobi

Having had the opportunity to live in different countries from a young age, I experienced how language and different perspectives have a profound impact on mindset and behaviour. 

After qualifying as an accountant from the Big 4, and learning how to create an impactful environment for teams to deliver optimum results, I became fascinated by habits, purpose, leadership and mindset. 


Following my goal to empower people, I transitioned to working closer with individuals, bringing clarity to their goals and helping them overcome doubt and step into their unlimited peak self. 

How We Will Work Together

I am a London based Life and Peak Performance Coach, delivering virtual sessions (either through zoom, skype or phone). 


Coaching is a partnership. Our sessions will be based on clarity building, developing habits, shifting mindset and empowerment. Every person is different and I will aim to listen and understand your experience and goals, to better serve you in your unique journey. 

I will provide space for you to realise your goals, develop awareness and work together to create a forward looking process with measurable goals.

My aim is to approach every session by being fully present with you without making any assumptions or judgments. This is aligned to my core values of compassion, empowerment, curiosity and integrity.  

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Life and High Performance Coaching

All sessions will be one-to-one with myself Hadi Haboobi. The introduction session will involve understanding your background and what you want to achieve through high performance coaching. 

I specialise in helping you:

  1. Creating a strategy plan and day structure curated for you to experience optimum performance at work and personal life.

  2. Incorporating science-backed tools and high performance habits that help you generate more energy and focus to achieve your goals quicker and with more ease.

  3. Resolving mindset blocks that may limit your potential.

  4. Improving productivity and work-life balance.

  5. Increasing self-confidence and emotional intelligence.

  6. Gain clarity around the roadmap towards your business or career goals. 

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