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There is a gap between what you are capable of doing and the actions you end up taking.

Peak performance is about closing this gap, so you can achieve more with less whilst improving health.

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In the information age, the business and personal challenges we face are rarely about accessing information.


It's more about the consistency and quality of our execution. Our results are dictated by the quality of decision making and actions carried out daily.

We improve execution by helping you connect more to your confidence, focus and inner peace. My framework focuses on 3 drivers:

Creating effective day structure focusing on the high value activities that have the biggest impact on your goals, freeing up to 15 work hours per week.

Incorporate peak performance habits that improve focus and energy. 

Overcoming limiting beliefs that create internal resistance and diverts your focus, and gaining clarity on how to live in alignment to your values.

What can a coach do for you?

I deliver transformative mindset & peak performance coaching by helping you:

  1. Gain clarity around the step-by-step roadmap from first to final step for each result you are trying to achieve.

  2. Gain clarity around the high value activities for your business and therefore where to focus your time and energy.

  3. Uncover the conscious and subconscious beliefs coming in the way of your success, and change them in order to play at a more impactful level.

  4. Incorporate science-backed tools and peak performance habits that help generate more energy and focus.

  5. Improved confidence and reduced doubt and stress, which improves communication, creativity and leadership skills.

  6. Improved emotional intelligence to better process challenges and make better decisions. 

  7. Show up with more certainty and authenticity in business and personal life.

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Caroline McCrystal,
Customer Success Director
GB Group

This was so much more than goal setting, achieving more and being better. Hadi taught me this was about feeling like you are enough already. Once we touched on inner child and shadow work, addressed anxieties and built a plan on how to deal with external and internal pressures, I could feel the shift in mindset.


During our consultation I told Hadi I wanted to get better at focusing and feel more comfortable in group situations. We not only achieved that, but we did so much more. I needed to ‘focus’ on me, I needed to be ‘comfortable’ with me. Thank you Hadi

Thomas L,
Entrepreneur & Consultant

I have to say I feel 7 years younger.  My energy and focus are on another level. Things that used to overwhelm don't do a dent anymore. My only worry is whether the effects of the coaching will go away.  But in all honesty Hadi's coaching has been a profound impact on my personal life and business. 

Reda Kriv,
HR DirectorAdobe

Hadi helped me explore the most sticky area of my life - my wellbeing. I was aware that I have a number of years of telling myself that I am too busy to invest time in myself but suddenly I was making small changes to my daily routine that empowered and energized me to appreciate progress instead of seeking perfection.


Hadi helped me to find ways of reducing the feeling of being overwhelmed. As a coach, Hadi is very thorough, emphatic and has a positive attitude. I recommend Hadi to anyone who is ready to make positive changes in life!

Manuel Zapata,

I was struggling to get a client for nearly a year, and was able to get one in just 3 weeks of working with Hadi. We were able to create a clear structure for my day, focus on the actual activities that have the greatest leverage, and remove the overthinking and anxiety that was consuming and stopping me and from executing. It turns out, I was the bottleneck. Highly recommend

If I gave you a thinking pill that makes you think like the person who is able to achieve your goals, what would happen to your success rate in achieving those goals?

You would be making the right decisions and actions required for that goal. In fact, it's impossible not to achieve your goals if you are thinking like the person that is able to achieve them. How could you not?

How do you know if you have the right thinking? Pretty simple, look at your results. Same applies to health, relationships or whatever goal you are trying to achieve.

If you are not where you want to be, we need to change the level of thinking being generated to create different decisions and actions.

And that is exactly what I did with my clients to help them get promotions, find their first business client, become more productive and all the way to launching a £200k+ product launch in one week. 

All done by understanding the 3 Principles of the Mind. I did a whole training on this below, that I think you will find very interesting. 


The goal of the discovery session is to identify the barriers that may be stopping you from showing up fully and stepping into your most focused mental states.


If you have never been coached before, don't worry, I will go through the process with you. Looking forward to getting to know you and helping you start your peak performance journey. 

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