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There is a gap between what you are capable of doing and the actions you end up taking.

Peak performance is about closing this gap whilst improving health.

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Hadi Haboobi




After working in the corporate world for nearly a decade and finding my passion in peak performance coaching, I now help leaders and entrepreneurs achieve their goals in less time and with more certainty, by entering into their most focused and confident performance states.

My framework focuses on 3 drivers:

Creating effective day structure focusing on the high value activities that have the biggest impact on their business, freeing up 15 work hours per week.

Incorporate peak performance habits that improve focus and energy. 

Overcoming limiting beliefs that create internal resistance and diverts their focus, and gaining clarity on how to live in alignment to their values.

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What can a coach do for you?

I deliver transformative mindset & peak performance coaching by helping you:

  1. Gain clarity around the step-by-step roadmap from first to final step for each result you are trying to achieve.

  2. Clarity around the high value activities for your business and therefore where to focus your time and energy.

  3. Uncover the conscious and subconscious beliefs coming in the way of your success, and change them in order to play at a more impactful level.

  4. Incorporate science-backed tools and peak performance habits that help generate more energy and focus.

  5. Improved confidence and reduced doubt and stress, which improves communication, creativity and leadership skills.

  6. Improved emotional intelligence to better process challenges and motivate yourself.

  7. Show up with more certainty and authenticity in business and personal life.